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Photography Tips

The process for making the pet portraits is lengthy, but it all starts with a good photograph from YOU.

Make sure you have good lighting:

If you are inside, be sure to use a flash. The best lighting will be outside.

Be sure to include your entire pet:

Make sure you get the your entire pet in the photograph, unless you would prefer a headshot like in the good quality image. Make sure you are not cutting off your pet's paws, or the top of it's head.

Camera phones are not the best cameras:

If you have any other camera available please use that.The example of the bad quality image was taken from my phone. It is hard to see any detail in Chase, so I would not be able to do a pet portrait from this image. A camera phone should be a last resort.

Make sure you are happy with the photo that you are sending:

I have not seen your pet before, so I will be drawing it almost exactly as your picture shows. If you would like me to change anything please let me know ahead of time.