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About Me


My name is Marina Williams, and I have been drawing for almost all my life. I have an incredible passion for animals. I know firsthand the strong bonds that we have with our pets. I really enjoy creating portraits that capture the personality of people's pets. I find it amazing that I can do something that involves two of the things I love so much.


My Interests

In my spare time you can catch me at the barn riding horses, or in the backyard feeding the chickens and playing with the dogs. I also love being outdoors. I live a fairly active lifestyle. I love running and playing volleyball and tennis. I also enjoy going on exciting adventures such as sea kayaking with orcas or hiking in various mountain ranges. In addition to my passion for animals and the outdoors, I have always loved drawing and photography. All of these interests have contributed to my path of becoming a successful artist.


Where I'm From

I grew up in Claremont Ontario. It is a very small town just north of Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

I am also studying Studio Art at The University of Guelph. Similar to Claremont, Guelph is also an agricultural community. I loved having the experience of having lived in both Claremont and Guelph as it has allowed me to have constant access to animals.

My Pets

I have had the opportunity to own a of variety pets including dogs, geese, chickens, rabbits, and fish. One of my most memorable pets was Chase, a gorgeous and show-worthy black lab. He sadly passed away a of couple years ago and will forever be missed. I am thankful that I took a lot of photographs of him to keep my memories alive. From these photographs, I created one of my first pet portraits. This particular drawing means the most to me.